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Thread: Any Groks in Mid Ohio?

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    Any Groks in Mid Ohio?

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    Hi, I've been Primal on and off for a year, most recently getting much more strict. I'm hoping to find one or two more people out there in the Mansfield, Oh area.
    I'm not from Ohio and I'd love to meet a couple more folks to talk recipes with and workout. I'd love to find some group activity that my husband and I can join in.
    I found PB through my college roommate, Joanne, who can be found in Success Stories with her husband, Mike. If they can do it, I know that I can. I just need to commit 100%.
    Hope to find someone!

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    I'm in Columbus!

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    Shores of Lake Erie
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    I'm from the Sandusky area (Milan). I actually have a question for you. I'm very interested in purchasing a large amount of grass fed beef from a one of the farms near mansfield/wooster. Do you have experience with any of them or know which farms tends to produce the best meat?

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