Hey all!

I'm Liz, 22 from NH. Thru high school I was always slenderish- 5'5'' (and 3/4). and weighing in at about 135. Once I turned 21, I went thru a break-up, started an amazing job as a RN (now working the night shift which I love!), and also learned that I love alcohol more than when it was illegal to drink. Shockingly enough, I gained 35lbs in a year topping out at 169 this past September. I tried some fad diets and some extreme working out and would lose ten, gain ten. This past March, I bought and used Hcg diet drops (and ate strictly 500kcal/day for a month) and lost 23 lbs. I now float around in the 140's. I'm not taking any more drops, and I want to be healthy! And I found MDA!. So I'm off and primal!

I love real foods (and cheez-its.. but I digress). Meat, dairy, veggies, fruits, nuts = YUM! I also hunt and (try to) garden. I've worked on farms my whole life and while I don't believe in "Organic" (go to an 'organic' farm and see what nonsense gets sprayed on your food), I am all about local! and "eating your view".

I love trying new things and foods (I'd try bugs and blood at least once!)

I'd love to hear if anyone else if from NH, or has any helpful ideas!