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Thread: Into the wild

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    Into the wild

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    Hello all,

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I've come to the point where I'm completely dissatisfied with my life. I hate my job, although it pays well, but I just don't care anymore. Has anyone taken the initiative to go fully Grok and just live in nature? I'm so inspired by Thoreau's Walden and the story of Chris McCandless involving just ditching modern civilization. Is there anywhere in the world to accomplish this?

    Am I crazy, or should I just up and quit my job and head out into the great outdoors?

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    I have a cousin that has just disappeared into the woods of Colorado. Once ever few years, he shows up to see how his 80-something year old mom is doing and then he disappears again. Seems lonely to he's trying to run from himself, but I'm not sure. If I were to head into the woods, I'd want to do it as part of a community that came together every week or so to have some fellowship time. I'm introverted, but not THAT introverted.
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    I don't have any kids or commitments. The only thing I have holding me back is student loans. I want nothing more than to be a writer, but I have zero inspiration or experiences to write about just sitting here in a cubicle for 10 hours a day. Once upon a time I was thinking about joining the Navy just for the experience and the world travel, but I figured the military would be too rigid.

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    Do it damnit, do it!
    I was completely enthralled by the film and its concept. Me and some friends have been wanting to do this for a long time.
    Given none of us have tried it we're naturally talking hypotheticals but i can think of no reason you shouldn't! Society is a construct designed to lure you in with false rewards and abstractions like 'accomplishment', 'social prestige' etc. Its a coverup for making you an ant in their ant farm.

    You should check out locations in Lappland (where Sweden, Norway and Finland meets) and Canada. There is something especially grok-ish about the boreal forests, rivers and plains. Also i can dearly reccommend reading Jean-Jacques Rosseau. If you liked Walden (which i think was good, if a bit slowpaced for a young guy like me) and the general philosophy of Chris Mccandless (blessed be his name) then Rosseau will surely be something for you. Hes very radical in his .. dissaproval of society.
    Also: If you enjoy poetry read some Percy bysshe shelley, John Keats and John Clare. Its mostly centered on lavish descriptions of nature. Reading them is sort of like playing Skyrim in case you're a gamer.
    Anyway i hope you do it and sorry for the rant.

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    Just don't eat any wild berries....

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    Nature is the true and perfect muse. 99% of literature today is egocentric and focused on vain and petty stuff. It'd be refreshing with something that put man in his right place - amongst nature.
    What i mean is: You could perfectly do it alone.

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    On a more civilized note . . . should I maybe try something different than the work I'm doing now, such as joining the Peace Corps? I just want to get "out there" and see the world.

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    You did watch that movie all the way to the end, right?

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    McCandless was a suicidal idiot. Thoreau at Walden was a short walk from the center of Concord where he often went. This guy really did it for over 30 years: Alone in the Wilderness, DVD and VHS available, the story of Dick Proenneke and while it's a compelling fantasy it also seems quite lonely.

    As for the soul-sucking job, yes, quit now and don't look back, there'll come a point where it's too late.
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    What about taking a good vacation? I mean a good couple weeks off work. Try it out for a few weeks. If you can't hack it for a few weeks, then maybe just look for a different job. I'm not sure where you live exactly, but there are some really pretty remote places in British Columbia. Good luck to you!

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