Hello guys,

I used to suffer from anxiety and depression, until I first tried a VLC diet. After 3 days, I had a sudden rush of happiness, excitement, and energy to my brain, and the constant background anxiety disappeared. I was much sharper, and calm and the same time. It felt really good.

However, after 10 days of feeling good, I ended up binging on carbs a couple times, and kept getting on and off the keto wagon. This time around, I stuck with the keto diet and after more than a week eating 0 carbs, I felt a little burst of euphoria which quickly disappeared after a couple hours. I'm now back into my sluggishness, and cant seem to get to where I was.

I am rather confused.

So I have 2 questions:

-did you feel a similar hyper-energetic/happy feeling in your brain when getting into ketosis? did it last indefinitely or was it temporary?

-do you get even more energetic after 3 weeks, when the brain is supposedly ketoadapted?

I hope the cure to my mental disorder can be found in this diet, nothing has ever made me feel so good . I just hope I can feel as good as I was in the initial stages of the diet, the first time I tried!