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Thread: Ketosis, mental energy, and euphoria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reservoir View Post
    Except for probiotics, I'm doing all of these and taking lots of beneficial supplements such as omega 3, magnesium and B vitamin. Hasn't been enough to improve my mood, though!
    The probiotics are as important as the other 3 points I mentioned. A healthy colony of gut flora will protect you from unavoidable toxins and pathogens you ingest even when eating primal, reduce allergic reactions to foods, and there's also a theory that healthy gut flora can influence your subconscious to the extent of affecting your appetite.

    A VLC diet is good, but you must make sure to feed your flora with a bit of fiber. You may have inadvertently starved and killed off some of your flora if you've been minimising your intake of vegetables. All sorts of life stressors can affect your gut health so it's important to replenish them. Try a bit of fermented food occasionally, or a probiotic supplement taken with some veg/fruit. I was feeling sluggish for a while, was gradually adding in dietary changes and supplements to see what worked, then after learning about gut flora I added full fat greek yoghurt and felt more energetic than I have been in a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lssanjose View Post
    Interesting you mention this. This past weekend, I was part of a two-man egg-cracking team for the breakfast event at our church. My teammate/friend kept calling me by someone else's name, even when I reminded him twice, or thrice. He said he needed more coffee, but I was more tempted to say he needed more fat.
    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    I was only making a joke/being sarcastic. I actually had a similar experience a few years ago on the ride up to an annual camping trip. I was asked to give a ride to a new member of our group, who happened to be a vegetarian. I spent the entire ride repeating things I'd told him a few minutes before. He kept apologizing for his forgetfulness, saying that as he aged, he felt like his brain wasn't working right any more. I think he was 44...
    This has totally been my life lately! I'm 47 years old. My boyfriend is 61 and most of his and my friends are also around his age. And they're all hikers. We recently went on a hiking trip with a big group of them who were doing heavy-duty trail maintenance. Everybody is sitting around the fire talking about their aches and pains, their heart problems, their memory problems...etc. I might have joined in on the conversation a year ago, but instead I wanted to yell at them they need to get off the CW anti-saturated fat nonsense STAT, but of course being 15+ years younger than most people I know they aren't going to listen to me so I said nothing.

    I'm SO GLAD I found a way to not end up where they are.

    (Gads, there's something about that generation, too, that they blindly follow authority and believe everything they are told. It just makes me crazy.)
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