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Thread: Primal BQers out there?

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    Primal BQers out there?

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    hey all,

    is there anybody here who's BQed? and if so, what was your training strategy? did you put a lot of emphasis on sprints, weights and run/walks, rather than the traditional 'more miles=faster time' approach? please share, especially women!


    p.s. i've read mark's articles about marathons.

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    Check out crossfit endurace. I used to do half marathons (PR was ~1:45) so I probably wouldn't have BQ'd... but I'll offer advice anyway I've since given up endurance running b/c of some ongoing hip pain but I do still run occasionally. I've been doing crossfit for almost a year now and my running times have gone down. Granted I'm not running more than 5 miles at a time, but the fact that I can not run for a month and then go out and do 5 miles at 8 min/mile means something about the training I'm doing is maintaining endurance fitness. And most of that training is LHT and short intense metcon conditioning. Crossfit endurance just adds in some endurance work on top of "regular" crossfit training. In general I think lots of "slow" long mileage trains you to run many miles slowly... Speed work and improved strength would probably help you get faster.

    I have a 2 friends who have followed the crossfit endurance training and have PRed at the marathon distance - one never ran more than 15k in a single day...The other did a single 20 mile run about a month out just for piece of mind.

    How far from a BQ time are you?
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