Hi everyone!

Love love love love love love LOVE this site! Mark is a genius and I am so happy to learn about the paleo/primal diet and all the health benefits as well.

Recently diagnosed with Hashimotos' Thyroiditis after not loosing ANY weight after the birth of my daughter 2+ years ago. I actually gained weight while on a 1500 calorie diet. Crazy! The docs say I have Hashimotos' but my TSH is "normal" which means I should do "nothing" until the levels change. I can't just do nothing while my body attacks my thyroid. Doesn't your thyroid control like EVERYTHING? Yes. The docs are NUTS to think I was going to sit back and let that happen. Long story short-- I arrived at this site. Then read Robb Wolfs' book and The Paleo Diet. It all just clicked for me.

I already posted about workout routines so you'll see me around!