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Thread: heart, liver and tongue. labeled as dogs food?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    i think bone meal is sometimes used as a human mineral supplement.
    good to know! tks
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    Has anyone just emailed US Wellness to ask them?

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    I'll do it! I'm not too embarrassed to say "Hey, I know I'm a human, but can I eat the pet food?" What's the worst they can do, laugh at me? I'm used to that!

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    Doc Grok:
    I'm assuming that the reason it's being sold as dog food it because there would be legislation involved in being able to sell those as human grade at the market or it simply could be that not many people would buy those. If you're interested in consuming, I'd just check with the stand owner to make sure there is nothing you should be aware of. It doesn't hurt to ask.

    I feed my dog a raw diet. He eats purely raw meat with a bit of added sweet potato and salmon oil, so that's something I would happily feed him. He usually eats stuff such as duck necks, cornish hen carcases, rabbit spines, etc. The meat that the local raw pet store gets it from are all local, free-range, grass fed. I assume it would be safe for me to technically eat it but they are usually mostly bone.

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