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Thread: heart, liver and tongue. labeled as dogs food?

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    The only thing that would worry me is how they handle the meat from a sanitation stand point. If it is being sold as "dog food" sellers may slack a little bit on how careful they are when they handle it. That being said, if I was sure that the quality of the food was the same as that being sold to people, I'd jump right in!

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    it may be that your state has wacky laws about handling offal, and so it has to be sold for dogs. we used to buy raw milk "for pets only," and there's a place in town that sells dehydrated chicken breast (nothing but salt added) "for pets only," whereas any processed/dehydrated meats for humans must contain nitrates/nitrites.

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    As far as I know "for animals only" means it can include fallen animals and animals killed after they became sick. If it it cooked thoroughly I can't see the harm. I wouldn't eat it bloody. Also can be (legitimately) rather elderly so might not taste very good and may be tough.
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    sometimes also powdered bone meal is added into pet food as a filer. I'm sure it's edible but it may not be digestible... :P
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    i think bone meal is sometimes used as a human mineral supplement.

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    On the plus side, the fact that offal is often in the dog food section means that it is much cheaper than it should be (given how tasty and nutritious it is).

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Grok View Post
    Anyone ever had cows tongue or cows heart? how does it taste?
    Yes to both. They are both fine. We boil the tongue, I recommend slicing the taste buds off the tongue before serving, particularly if you are feeding it to kids. And the heart is just a big muscle. Tenderise it with a hammer and it's a great cheap steak.
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    If you read their pet food blog page it says the only difference is the fat content, which is higher.

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    i get a 90/10% mix of beef heart and liver from my local butcher. First time i ordered it he asked if it was for my dog. I got a weird look when i said it was for me . now he has it ready and waiting for me every week. Delicious!!

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