This journal will give updates on my progress and give me a place to post interesting things I've read. First, my background:

I first found out about the Paleo/Primal lifestyle back in 2008. I weighed 280 lbs. then, and decided to get down to 200. I struggled for 4 months with a SAD "diet", and dropped about 35 lbs. I was hungry and miserable all the time. I did some research, discovered the Paleo diet and was off to the races. I dropped 45 lbs. in 2 months, and felt great! Then I fell off the wagon - stopped eating right, stopped exercising, and all of the weight came back plus more. By January 2012 I was up to 326 lbs.

My wife and I had our first child in June 2011. I wanted to be able to run and play with him once he was old enough - I didn't want to be so out of shape that I couldn't do that. Knowing Paleo had worked once before, I started again January 4th, 2012. I also started lifting weights 3x a week and going for long walks. I found MDA while doing some research - what an awesome site! I added sprints into my weekly workout routine, as well as intermittent fasting once or twice a week. As of today, May 8th, 2012 I'm 226.8 lbs. According to my bathroom scale, my BF% started at 48% and is now down to 32.6%. I would like to get it down between 12-15%. I'm going to be joining an MMA gym in the next week or so - I'm a huge UFC fan and I used to wrestle in high school and college, so it's a logical step. That should definitely help get the last 20 lbs. off quick.