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Thread: LeanGains + stronglifts questions?

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    LeanGains + stronglifts questions?

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    Is this a good combination? The eating window from leangains + the stronglifts workouts?
    I think it really fits me because I love eating 2 meals a day and I think you get a real good pre and post workout meal this way. However, is it true that stronglifts only includes squat, overhead press, bench press, barbell rows and deadlifts?

    'cause there's this stronglifts app and you can track your workouts with it but it's only made for those exercises. Will I really buil an upper body with those workouts? 'cause I feel like I should add some pullups, dips and dumbbell flys as well

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    Yes, leangains will work just fine as long as you get enough calories. I did starting strength though, which I would personally recommend over stronglifts. The book is something everyone who lifts heavy weights should read. However, stronglifts will get you results too, but you'll probably stall sooner.

    Whichever program you do, I'd just do the prescribed exercises at first, unless you can already rep out some pull/chin ups. Those can be added at the end as assistance exercises. Dips are fine too, but theres really no good reason to do dumbbell flies. Basically, just keep it simple and later down the road you can discover a few other assistance exercises to throw into the mix.

    If you choose SS, there is a thread here of everyone supporting each other.
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    I have done both SL and SS (sans power cleans). Honestly, I find Martin's simplified routine to work very well. 4 core moves (squat, bench, weighted chins, deads) with some various assistance exercises thrown in. His trains RPT and double progression.

    Sample routine:
    A - Squat / Press (secondary)
    B - Chins / Rows (secondary)
    C - Deads / Bench / Dips or pushups (secondary) - wait a good 5 minutes between deads and bench

    For the core moves, double progression is probably the best to begin with:
    1. First warmup 80% of target weight 4-5 reps.
    2. 2 sets at target weight. If you can nail 5-6 reps on both, add weight next workout.
    3. 3 minutes wait between sets.

    Secondary/Assistance moves 1-2 sets 6-8 reps all done after core moves. It's about making progression in the core set. Maximum effort is key, so resting between sets is important.

    Whatever you decide on doing, make sure you keep accurate logs of each workout. This is the only way to track progression.
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