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Thread: Help on an essay on the primal man!

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    Help on an essay on the primal man!

    Hi primal folks.

    I am currently working on an essay on the rather loose topic of 'relationships' and have gotten permission to make it about the 'relationship between the individual man and the distruption of his nature', which has been going on since the start of industrialization and large agriculture. I only have four minutes to speak in front of class, but I really want to pry th surface of how we could express what we are if we only learned how to do so - such as forefoot running for example, or Movenat or Parkour. It will be based on what we can do for ourslves to improve our lives in the way it was supposed to be, and though I don't have the time to really touch the topic of diet, I like the idea of mentioning things like the neurology behind why multitasking is impossible (yup! It's a neurologal impossibility! ) and what ffects the information socity really have on our psychs.

    The MDA forums seem lik th obvious place to start to fish for these littl tidbits of intrsting information. What ar your idas? WHat are the really crucial, basic, intrsting and funny topics I could brief in this essay?
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