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Thread: What I Want Out Of Primal Living... (What Do You Want?) page 2

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    I need new teeth too!!!

    Looks like im gonna need another root canal, and im 23!! not supposed to happen....

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    I want to feel fit and healthy(losing body fat is a nice side benefit). CW and SAD just weren't cutting it. Even with the so- called "perfect diet" from my doctor, I still felt "off" and still couldn't get away from that overly laden dinner plate (and waistline) that didn't satisfy some (bad pun) primal urge. I want to be able to look in the mirror and go "Damn, I look good" without starving myself. I want to be able to live a caveman's day without utterly killing myself in the process.

    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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    I'm definitely in the "I want to look good naked" club.

    I want to cure my depression and be happy for once.

    Of course all the health improvements are great but since I am young and don't really have any health problems yet, improving my cholesterol or something like that where I can't feel the problem physically... that sort of thing doesn't feel like a priority (Come on! You were young and invincible once too!) though it comes as a side effect anyways!

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    all very good things! wow... so many transformations are possible!

    for me, i came to primal because:

    1. i am determined to be healthy and avoid the diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and other ailments that so much of my family struggles with.

    2. i am going to be a person of a normal weight, which i haven't been since puberty went haywire

    3. i want to have a normal, natural relationship with food and the evolutionary perspective is the most intuitive

    4. i enjoy feeling strong, balanced and vibrant which eating this way encourages

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    ROFLMAO, Stabby. You stay away from my farm!

    I want the boys to keep whistling and the heads to keep turning.

    I want to continue feeling strong and healthy, free of the stomach bloating that plagued my grain-eating days.

    I want people to ask what's working for me, so I can share what might work for them.

    I want to understand not just what works, but why.

    I want to continue to enjoy cooking and flavors and nourishment without guilt.

    I want to explore all the choices fitness has to offer. (Here's what I mean: )

    I want all these things to last until I am 100, and longer. Yeah, even the whistling boys.

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    Energy (to play with my kids and my husband)

    Workouts/fitness/exercise that I enjoy! (The obstacle course was my favorite in gym class in elementary school...should have told me something but strangely we stopped doing it after elementary)

    I want to look good naked and in clothes

    And I'd really like to inspire family (and maybe even friends) to get healthier too

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    I want to LOOK and FEEL healthy.

    LOOK: I've lost weight over the years and everybody tells me I'm too skinny. I look fragile, whereas I used to be more solid/strong.

    FEEL: When eating like crap, I get horrible blood sugar crashes and feel weak like I'm 80 years old. I don't feel the motivation to do anything, and just feel disgusting overall.

    Both of these need to change and cutting way down on carbs has been a blessing so far.

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    WOW This is fun!

    1. I want to look good naked, and clothed no matter what time of day it is. (Is a flat stomach even possible?)

    2. I want to never have to go to the doctor for anything ever again (except the possible broken bone or whatever)

    3. I want to be healthy and fit and able to enjoy a partner and children for as long as humanly possible

    4. I want to inspire my friends and family to take care of themselves as well.

    5. I want to be a positive influence on people (This isn't about primal as much as it is just a goal)

    6. I want to ski, hike, skate, walk, run, jump, climb... you name it I want to be able to physically do it... including pull ups (I have NEVER done a pull up, not even at the age of like 8 in gym class... i never have had upper body strength)

    7. I want my partner to be happy to be seen with me.

    8. I want to raise a primal family

    9. I want to wake up without an alarm clock EVERY DAY (I HATE ALARM CLOCKS!)

    10. I want to go to my graduation and have NO ONE realize that it is me... or if they do have them take a double take at least!

    Thanks for this, reminding me why i am here!

    Live Like No One Else

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    Man, these are some inspiring lists. And the best part is they're all utterly achievable, especially from what I know of the character of the people posting them!

    Mandabear, so many of your items were on my list. Yes, a flat stomach is possible, even if before Primal it looked like you swallowed a beach ball (that was me). What shocked me the most is how the skin on my face and neck snapped taut after a lifetime of jowls. I never cared for my bodily appearance before, but now I'm really happy with how I look.

    And Manda, I know how you feel about pull-ups. Before going primal, my lifetime record was one pull-up (that was when I was particularly fit). Now I bang out ten at a time! You are going to see similar changes.

    Barbey, from your weekly routine posted on the low-carb thread, you are going to be one smokin' centenarian!

    And don't worry folks, you are inspiring everyone around you with your progress, even if they're afraid to admit it.

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    @MandaBear...I hear ya on the pull ups. I just attempted my first one today. Like you, I've never done one. I used to dread that part of gym class as I always scored low on those darn physical fitness tests! So, today I attempted one. I was not successful. I don't feel bad about it. In fact, I'm happy to know where I'm starting and in a few months or a year or however long it's gonna feel good to do MORE than one drasted pull up!

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