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Thread: thought i'd pop my head in and say hi.

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    May 2012
    brisbane australia

    thought i'd pop my head in and say hi.

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    long time free loader first time poster.

    it all started for me one night in january when for no reason i jumped on the scales at home and to my horror i weighed 120.5kg. immediate action was needed so i followed a fructose free thing for a month or so till things lead me here.

    today i weigh 99.6kg and feeling good. really enjoy the food i get to eat, while i could probably use more fruit and veg in my diet, i was never real big on them anyway. i can't recall the last peice of fruit i ate but i do get daily veges. i'm having trouble kicking dairy, big fan of cheese and milk, coconut milk in coffee just not doing it for me.
    basically i'm no fructose or grain.

    anyway i'm sure to have a pile of questions to ask, so look forward to typing to you all.

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    Apr 2012
    Brisbane, Australia
    Good stuff Qlder!

    Im also Brisbane based, there's a few around.

    My journey only kicked off at the start of April. Was 101kg, now 93.

    I was surprised how simple the "diet" was to follow (after the initial few days and cravings). Im not sure Ill be able to answer any questions, but there's plenty of people who can on here.

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    another QUEENSLANDER!!!

    I'm quite surprised that I'm not really that far off my first year anniversary (Aug). It's been very easy for me, I've only craved real food once (after upping my carbs), and none of the crap most people eat interests me at all.

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