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    Products I Purchase to Help Me Maintain a Primal Diet

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    I buy Vital Choice canned seafood, salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines. The quality is very high, although somewhat expensive. I use them for a convenient, year round, protein, high omega 3 source on top of salads, or add a little grey poupon or mayo and some celery to the salmon or tuna for a healthy primal snack. Since I don't eat red meat, these canned seafood products are very helpful to eating a Primal Diet.
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    I've got a bunch of Polar Kipper snacks in the pantry. When I'm really lazy, I'll just open a container and put in some mustard...when I'm a bit less lazy, I'll mix up a salad and throw them on top.

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    Product I purchase to help me Maintain a Primal Diet

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    It is real that herbal product can reduce the weigh because of having diet mix products or diet juices

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