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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    Great pic. Why are the letters all backwards? Is it a mirror pic?
    Thanks! No, I took it with the Photobooth program in my Mac but I guess that comes out like a mirror pic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winencandy View Post
    Excellent news!!!
    Thanks WnC! How are you doing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebird123 View Post
    No reason to moderate. Great way to send a message
    Hello fellow San Diegan! Thank you.

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    I also got some other medical news yesterday. As part of my 5 year check up the oncologist had run a full body bone density scan and checked my vit D levels. Right after chemo I tested in the osteopenia range, that's borderline osteoporosis, now I'm normal again and my Vit D is normal too.

    And I don't take any pills to make it happen. Just good food, good exercise, and good sunshine.

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    Anybody have any good home remedies for the runs? This has been going on now for a week. Not feeling all that bad, just now and then making a mad dash for the loo. This first few days I ate normally. I figured it was just a mild food poisoning that would pass. Then when it didn't go away, I decided to give my digestive system a break and fasted for 24 hours. I got actively hungry late last night so I figured I was well and ate something but within 45 minutes I was back in the loo. Crampy abdominal pains are no fun. If I'm not better by Monday I'm going to the doctor. I'm starting to feel pretty wrung out.

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    I am feeling seriously "pooped out" so to speak.

    I didn't do anything today except sit in front of the computer. Dad got reheated leftovers for dinner.

    A couple of hours ago I gave in and took some antibiotics that had been given to me by my doctor for this problem to take with me on my Caribbean cruise. I never needed them so they were just kicking around the medicine cabinet. I hate to take antibiotics if not really necessary but this is going on too long.

    I ate a sweet potato just to have something in my stomach with the pills. They were a one time dose of four pills at once. Hopefully that will nuke whatever buggers are inhabiting my digestive system.

    Off to bed. Hopefully a better day tomorrow.

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    sorry that i didn't have any home remedies, but i do hope the antibiotics work. and, of course, don't forget to recolonize with some good fermented stuff.

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    Sipping a kombucha as I type. I have absolutely no appetite so I'm going to just go with that until I feel like eating.

    At least I slept through the night without any mad dashes. Sleep is a good thing.

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    I think I am "on the mend". Made it through the whole day without any dashes. I have eaten some yoghurt but nothing else. Just feeling a bit weak right now.

    I'll try to eat some real food tomorrow.

    I know, tales of the trots aren't nearly as sexy as underwear pictures. Sorry. That's how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I think I am "on the mend". Made it through the whole day without any dashes.
    Excellent! I didn't have any sensible suggestions about remedies, but resting your gut seemed sensible. Antibiotics definitely have their place, too. Hope you feel stronger tomorrow.
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