Hello MDA friends, old and new. How's everybody doing?

I've only been peeking my head in to the boards once in a while lately. I kind of felt like I needed an MDA break. But, the journaling process was very helpful to me when I was first getting started and I think it could continue to be fun and helpful now. I started a new journal thread just because I was tired of the whole "cancer surviver" part in my old title. That is seeming more and more like a distant part of my past now and I don't want it to be my identity. Also the Kilimangaro part was fun but now it is time to move on to other horizons.

If anyone wants to get "caught up" on all 150 pages of my original journal, (or if you're having trouble sleeping and don't want to take a pill) you can find it here. http://www.marksdailyapple.com/forum/thread19105.html

Since I dropped off the boards in January, I have been on a six week tour of the Caribbean during which I turned 50.
I put on a few pounds during that cruise and have been trying to keep a few others from creeping back up on me. So I guess my original journal and my calorie counting threads were good for the losing weight phase. Now I'm in the "I've achieved everything I want so I can relax now, whoops!, where did that ten pounds come from?" stage. I think a lot of people probably go through this.

In my first journal I set out to go from a size 12 and 180 to a size 8 and 150. I got to a size 6 and 145. Now I'm at 155 and the 6s are tight so I haven't strayed too far but I don't want to let it get out of hand. So, I think it's time for some reflection, setting out what I am doing right and where I need to work on it.

What I'm doing right:

I really do eat 98% Primal. (The 2% is for social situations where you don't want to be a jerk, not treats)
All meat I cook is 100% grass fed/finished (I belong to a meat CSA)
Lots of fresh wild seafood and sea veggies (I had a dozen freshly shucked oysters for brunch yesterday)
Absolutely no desire for grain based anything
I never use sugar or sweeteners of any kind
I cook with butter or coconut oil and use olive or avocado oil for salads
Speaking of salads, lots of them plus lots of other veggies

I get lots of SoCal sunshine.
Plenty of restful sleep.
Minimal to non existant stress levels.

Where I need to do better :

I. NEED. MORE. EXERCISE. <Hits self over the head with The Giant Clue By Four>
When I was on the cruise I got in some good snorkeling some days but I got out of the habit of my LHT workouts and sprinting. Since I got home I have been going hiking once a week plus little walkies with the wolf cub but, overall, not walking nearly as often or as far as I was.

Allowing "special occasion" stuff to become staples like wine, cheese, dark chocolate, berries.

Letting quantities get out of hand on supposedly "safe" starches like sweet potatoes, parsnips, sushi rice.

Letting quantities get out of hand in social eating situations. (I hosted a party last night and ate/drank too much)

Letting quantities of everything get out of hand. Full stop.

OK, so back on track. We can do this.