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    Things have not been well lately with Dad. I think I told you about his feet swelling up due to a fructose binge out. Well, that sweelling was brought down somewhat by a combination of diuretics, antibiotics (on the theory that the places where the skin was breaking under the pressure of the swelling were getting infected) plus compression wrappings around his legs. Particularly nasty to have to wear those hot wrappings in weather like we have been having.

    Anyway, the other thing going on has been a sudden onset of mental confusion, disorientation, balance issues, and short term memory loss. Then a few days ago, his heart rate started going really high and fluttery (atrial fibrillation) which he has had before. He was taken off the medication for it when his BP was doing so well on Primal. But now it seems that might not have been such a good move. We spent Thursday in the ER getting checked all over. Then we saw the cardiologist today. The consensus seems to be congestive heart failure with the possibility of some "mini strokes" exacerbating the mental confusion. I mean, when asked by the ER doc some simple questions like "what year is it?, and, Who is the president?" Dad couldn't come up with and answer and he is someone who always stays well informed reading the newspaper daily plus several TV news programs. This was seriously scary.

    So, he started a new prescription today for a beta blocker to prevent the a-fib and got some more diuretic pills for the still swollen legs. I think the cardio guy is right. The swelling may have started out as a fruit binge but now there is something more going on. The heart is not working right.

    All I ask of the universe is that, if it is his time to go, he be allowed to go peacefully in his own bed and not a long lingering torture attached to tubes and beeping machines.

    I am doing my level best to hold it together because I am not any good to him if I am falling apart. Sometimes it just kind of hits me like a wave however. The knowledge that he may not have that very long left in this world. There, I said it. In the meantime, all I can do is make his life as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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    Sending love. Dads: they're precious. My own father is on a similar path and I am not close enough to hold his hand. I'm sure your being there is a huge comfort to your dad. It's not an easy thing, that's for sure. So, sending love.
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    Oh Robin, I'm sorry honey.

    I've been where you are and it sucks. I got nothing, just know that I'm thinking of you.


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    Paleobird, I am thinking of you and sending prayers for you and your Dad.

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    You dad is lucky to have you at this time in his life. Good luck to you both.
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    Bless your heart, you're a great daughter.
    Both of you are in our prayers.

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    ^ What they said. You're doing exactly what you said you would do - being there, sharing the last years with your dad, loving him. Sadness is a part of the package, and I know you can 'hold' your distress so you can continue to be there for him. Sending heaps of love from over the sea (and hope that the meds will help).
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    You have a wonderful support system Robin, both here and there. You're in my thoughts and if it's his time to transition you are a wonderful person and daughter to want to help him.

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    All the best for you and your dad.
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    Just remember to take care of yourself as well. Best wishes.

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