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Thread: Taralynn McNitt, the Undressed Skeleton

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    Interesting facts about that girl and respective "healthy ways":

    a) Allegedly making money while using stolen recipes and photos (surreptitiously deleted from the blog)?
    exposing the truth | EXPOSING: Taralynns plagiarism

    b) Is the description of her methods legit even?
    exposing the truth | Have you seen her threads in the Calorie Count forums? She

    c) Although better than what she used to eat (or so we hope), she relies on lots of junk and poisons.
    exposing the truth | EXPOSING: Taralynns disordered eating habits and fat phobia

    d) More:
    exposing the truth | majorstranger: Above is a picture of me in 2009...
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    This girl had an eating disorder when she started the blog and sounds like she still does. I've seen the old posts she tried to delete and changed with her eating 200 calories a day and bingeing and freaking out when she had a 800 calorie breakfast. That was literally days before she started her blog. At one time she recorded what she ate on her blog and her meals at that point were 1,000 calories. She often goes to the gym twice a day and seems to be exercising a lot for someone only eating 1,000 calories. In some of her photos she just looks thin but in others (the older ones) she looks really painfully skinny. She does seem to be gaining weight. The most recent ones had her looking the heaviest (and healthiest), though she stopped posting any recently taken pictures. (I don't trust really anything she posts though after those badly photo shopped stolen pictures of food she claimed to have made)

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    I used to follow her on tumblr but I couldn't stand all the fake food recipes she was posting so removed it.
    Good on her for losing weight, but if she does have an eating disorder I hope she can get help.

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