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    Hello to all. I went grain free on 03/17/12 after reading Dr. William Davis' book "Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight". I started surfing the web, researching grain free, and stumbled upon MDA. After reading all the free information, I went primal a couple of weeks later. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia years ago and after cutting out all grains, it is non-existant. I was hungry all the time and tried hard to make it two hours before eating again. I thought I was eating healthy - low fat, only whole grains, a little oil, a little meat, and lots of veggies. Now I eat when I am hungry. No more 6 to 8 small meals a day! I have lost 8 pounds and I have never felt better. It was easy for me to cut out grains after noticing how I felt within a few days. I'll never go back. My husband decided to join me and he has lost 10 pounds. A co-worker has your book. I found out about it after I had gone primal. She lent it to another co-worker who has also gone primal. That's three of us at work who are now primal. I haven't read any of Mark's book but I intend to buy a couple today. Thanks to Mark for all the wonderful information on this site and for all you do!

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    Hi Jezzel,

    I'm new to the forum too so welcome. That's great news about curing your hypoglycemia!!

    I've just started Primal so very excited and it's great to hear it really works.

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