So, today was our first family Parkour lesson with NZ Parkour Association!

It was a fun, two-hour intro class which they do once a month (first Sunday of the month), and there was a group of about 10-12 with DH being the oldest and DS being the youngest!

I had a great time. My legs petered out around the half-way mark, which was after a warm up, working on basic jumps and landings. We did a few other movements such as a side-leap thing (name i cannot remember) over a waist-high bar, and then some great quadriped movements there and back again, and then cat-walking on a ledge.

Then we started on rolls, which was fun but confusing -- though I managed to get one right -- and then we did some conditioning for the last half hour where I got chicken and didn't do two things, and my legs were wobbly which made doing the quadriped movement upstairs backwards really awkward and seriously difficult. Made me laugh the whole time.

The kid was absolutely game for the first hour or so, and then played with sticks and watched us, and then demanded ice cream (which he didn't get. he got eggs and oranges!).

All in all, an awesome time. They meet casually every sunday for some fun group training, and then the intro class is beginning of the month. We'll probably do several intro classes just to have the instruction and insight into the form.

Did I mention that I'm sore?

It's awesome!