I have been eating a lower-carb diet since February and adopted a more primal approach in march (have slipped pretty consistently 2-3x/week.) Recently, however, I have been feeling pretty sick after eating my primal diet. Feeling nauseous, bloated and crampy.

A typical day:
B: coffee, 2-3 eggs and veggies in bacon grease or coconut oil. Sometimes add in 2 slices of bacon.
L: BAS w/ steak, tuna, chicken, or ground beef, and coconut oil vinegarette
D: steak or ground beef, shrimp, or chicken w/ steamed or roasted veggies and butter
S: occasionally nuts (peacans,pistachios, almonds,) or almond butter, or a protein shake

Nutrients (weekly average)
Cal: 1500 ish
Fat: 100 g or less
Carbs: less than 100g (trying to lose weight)
Pro: 150 or less

I don't know if I've lost weight but where my stomach is is flat but then lower is bloated ( I never have a problem with this and usually have visible abs)

WHAT IS GOING ON? Too much fat? Protein?
I also drink kombucha which seems to help but I want to know the root of the problem. I don't feel like I should be suffering from carb flue anymore either.