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Thread: Lift or Sprint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teach2183 View Post

    Would I be able to do lifting Saturday and sprinting Sunday? I'm thinking that might be too taxing.
    totally. i always do my sprint day right after a lifting day (but that has more to do with recovery time until my next lifting day). you might be a bit sore the first couple of weeks trying that, but your body will adapt.

    heavier weights are great, but not entirely necessary. some of the strongest, fittest people on this forum haven't been to a gym in a while (about 2 years for me). programs like simplefit take 20 minutes max 3 times per week, and even 5-10 minutes of slow cadence body weight exercises will make you feel like you've spent hours in the gym. try this...hold your 32 pounder up on your shoulders or in front of you, and do some really slow squats (4-5 seconds down, 4-5 seconds up). your legs will be screaming in no time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teach2183 View Post
    A little background to go with my question...
    I am 29yo, mother of 2 young children.

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    You are there is lots of sprinting in soccer - Lift heavy and enjoy it.
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    I tried the combination this weekend and I'm definitely sore. Did the PB training with push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and planks yesterday. Today did some sprints. Took the kids over to the park and they played while DH and I ran, it went well. I'm interested to see how I'll feel in the morning.

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