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Thread: Cardio + weight lifting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadsie View Post
    I like to do a little running as well everytime I go the gym. Not much at all but just to get a little extra activity in the day I wonder though, should I do it before or after lifting weights? I'd say it's better to do it after because if you do it before you don't have all energy left to lift heavy. But I also hear that 'cardio' after lifting stunts the recovery of the muscles. Oh and doesn't running release growth hormone in which case it'd be better to run before lifting (please don't tell me this is too much science just 'cause I'm 14). Or would it be better to start my workout with compound exercises to release growth hormone?
    14 years old? I wouldn't worry about stimulating growth hormones. You'll have plenty of it.


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    Do the thing that's most important first, and do it with full commitment. Then after that, do whatever you want. BTW, that works in other life areas, too.
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