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Thread: Cottage Cheese, what's your take on it?

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    Cottage Cheese, what's your take on it?

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to see what everyone thought about cottage cheese.
    -Do you eat it?
    -What kind/percentage?
    -What are your favorite toppings for it?
    -How often do you indulge in it?

    I'm trying to figure out how often I can eat it and what type to buy. I want to stay primal as possible but I want food options.


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    I adore breakstone cottage cheese with a little serving of cantaloupe.

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    My wife makes homemade cottage cheese. It's a cross between kefir and dry curd cottage cheese. She ferments the milk, then discards the left over liquid, leaving all the fat and curds. I'm not 100% sure about the macro content but I believe most of the milk sugar is gone. I eat it daily, usually with an apple or banana, or tossed in a veggie salad.

    I go through it so fast she makes a batch every other week. She recently started using high fat milk from a local creamery and the result is closer to cream cheese than cottage cheese. Zero sugar or salt added so most people think it's bitter, but I love it.

    I also occasionally dip into the pot when she is making it, before the curds have formed. I consider it my bi-monthly probiotic treatment since sure each drop has several billion active cultures
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    I like it once in awhile for a change. I either eat it plain or scoop it with my veggies.

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    Our family of 8 uses it instead of salad dressing. A big serving on top of a salad......maybe some grassfed ground beef on there. It's awesome. We own a cow so I make it but I can never keep up so we buy the full fat stuff the rest of the time.

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    Wife eats some every few days. Plain. Full fat. I think it's pretty nasty stuff personally.

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    Love it. Used to eat the creamed stuff out of a tub, but now switched to dry curd (organic milk, bacterial culture) with a little pink/grey salt and a couple teaspoons of pure organic whipping cream. So much better! Fatter, lower carb. Never going back to the 2% tub stuff again.

    I consider it a treat, and I will have it 2-3 times in a row every couple of months.
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    I usually mix in some thawed mixed berries from frost, a few crushed walnuts and a small piece of chopped dark chocolate.
    Perfect for your cravings, or just a plain desert.

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    It's highly favoured by the body building world as a post-workout food.

    It's nice with banana and honey for breakfast.
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    It's dairy, so it turns me into a fart factory and gives me boils and achy joints. I avoid it like most dairy.
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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