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Thread: Cooking my first butternut squash...

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    Apr 2012
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    Cooking my first butternut squash...

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    ...and no one warned me they are a PAIN to chop up and prepare! Seriously took forever! I've GOT to get some better knives for all this gourd chopping stuff.

    *adds to long list of things that will make my primal life easier that I can't afford yet*

    Anyway, roasting it in the oven in olive oil. Can't wait to try it!!

    Any other good ideas for how I can cook those things?

    Also, is there a limit to how often/ how much to have squash-type veggies? Or are they ok for a couple times a week? Did a spaghetti squash last night...

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    Apr 2011
    I do well on them a couple times a week... I dont see the issue with eating them. they are higher carb but not very starchy.

    I love them nice and hot with organic butter over the top of them. YUMMMMM!

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    I cut mine in large chunks, boil till soft, then put it through a food mill so it's nice and smooth. Add a little salt and butter, maybe a smidgen of brown sugar and eat!

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