My own doctor, a CW cardiologist, tried to put me on Lipitor the first time I came to see him. I resisted, found Paleo / Primal, ignored medical advice. Last time I visited him, with zero health complaints for the first time in years, he did a full blood work up and heart ultrasound (to look for heart stress and clogged arteries). He said, based on your lab work and overall health, you should absolutely continue doing whatever you've been doing. You have high LDL (I had it before, too), but your HDL is very good, your weight is down, BP good, fasting glucose and triglycerides ideal. You are not at high risk of heart disease or diabetes.
He then quizzed me about it for a long time and I dropped the name of several doctors mentioned on this thread for his reading pleasure. He took notes.

I'm a believer that natural sat fat is healthy, based on my own experiences and the readings I've done. But you should do your own reading. I really recommend Dr Kurt Harris's archived stuff - he gave up writing a while ago but his early posts are excellent.