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Thread: Leaky Gut

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    Leaky Gut

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    I have really bad leaky gut caused by having candida. I'm taking 3g of l-glutamine at the moment, but i'm going to double to the dose as it doesn't seem to be having any effect. My food intolerances have got worse over the last week or so. Can anyone advice anything else to take if this doesnt' work? I've read that taking liqourice root helps- I think we have some of that in the house. Can I take that at the same time as the l-glut? I've also read that trying to heal leaky gut while still having candida won't work, but how can you tell if you still have it? I think it has gone now, but I never had any kind of vaginal infections or anything similar so it's hard to tell. I also have adrenal fatigue and a weak liver and i'm just completely overwhelmed with trying to cure it all. I've been ill since November with candida, and i'm just so sick of feeling tired and grumpy all the time!

    Other things that I've researched to heal leaky gut:
    Aloe vera juice
    Slippery Elm
    Psyllium Husk

    Please help! Many thanks

    No one dies of a bread deficiency.

    Samuel Beckett's, as well: 'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.'

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    Try adding high quality pro-biotics on an empty stomach in the morning. I take my l-glutamine on an empty stomach and have to wait atleast 45 mins before eating anything.

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    I admit I haven't studied leaky gut very well, but I do believe I've experienced it. I had joint pains off and on for years and was diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis, which I don't believe I ever had. The doctors just couldn't explain why I was hurting. On my 21st birthday I had my first full glass of wine (sangria, yum). The morning I could barely move my arms, my joints hurt so badly! Overnight I developed a strong sensitivity to sulfites, as it turns out, and for the next year even things like shrimp (treated with sulfites while at sea to avoid browning), iced tea, and some fries would result in joint pain. I started going to an osteo-chiropractor (I think that's what he's called) and he did a number of things, including telling me that I had several large partial blockages in my intestines. He said when blockages sit for awhile they eat away at the intestine wall which can cause leakage. He worked on moving them for several months, and eventually I noticed... no more sulfite sensitivity, at all. I can have two glasses of red wine, no pain at all.

    All that to say... my leaky gut was cured with a chiro, not with supplements. (-: I don't know all the causes of it and it may not help you at all, but that's just my experience! I love not having to watch what I eat anymore. I do still have occasional joint pain btw but very mild and rare. Maybe going primal will help?

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    Did you get tested for LG or just think you have it? I would suggest a LG specific diet, paleo may not be enough, you can look up what food to avoid. Also add bone broth to your diet, or if that is too hard you can buy powdered gelatin, probably not as good but better than nothing. Look for l-glutamine powders that are designed for gut health, they will include some of the other ingredients you listed, and up your dose to 3x a day. You may want to add some digestive enzymes too. I'm about 4 months into treating my LG, I'm feeling much better now, but still need to get tested again to see if it's healed. You'll want to get more agressive about treating it, don't think what you're doing is enough. I'm not an expert, just sharing my experience.

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    Leaky Gut is caused by grains. You cannot eat bread, oatmeal, rice or anything else containing Gluten.

    Your candida can be cured with iodine supplements. Your body is severely deficient in iodine, or you would not be suffering with Candida.

    See this file for details and how to start the Iodine Supplement Protocol:

    Additional symptoms of iodine deficiency:
    * Aches and pains, vague (1) * Asthma (13)
    * Brittle Nails (12) * Candida(4)
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    * Cold intolerance (cold hands & feet) (1) * Concentration decreased [brain fog] (1)
    * Constipation (1) * Depression (1)
    * Diabetes (4) * Dry, coarse hair (1)
    * Dry skin (1) * Dry Mouth
    * Dry Eyes * Excessive sleepiness (1)
    * Fatigue (1) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome * Fibromyalgia (4)
    * Fluid Retention (4) * Graves’ Disease (4)
    * Hair Loss (10) * Headaches (11)
    * Heart rate slowing (1) * Hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Hashi’s (4, 9)
    * Immune system reduced function (4) * Insomnia (4)
    * Keloids (9) * Memory Poor (12)
    * Miscarriages & Low Baby IQ * Mental Retardation
    * Muscle Cramps, Pain (1,4) * Parotid duct stones.(12) * Puffiness around the eyes (1) * Stomach Problems
    * Sweating reduced or gone(1) * Swelling of the legs (edema) (1) * Temperature drop in body temp (1) * Thyroid cysts (Goiters) (2,3) * Weakness (12) * Weight gain (1)
    THERE ARE MUCH MORE - 181 Symptoms ! ! ! Consequences of Iodine Deficiency

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    1) Iodine Therapy
    (2) Thyroid Cyst Symptoms |
    (3) Iodine Cures
    (4) Iodine Therapy
    (5) Iodine Deficiency and Estrogen Dominant Diseases - Jorge D. Flechas, MD - YouTube
    (6) Iodine for Health by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD
    (7) Cancer and Iodine - The Iodine Project
    (8) Iodine Deficiency - An Under-Recognized Epidemic
    (9) Dr. James Howenstine -- Iodine is Vital For Good Health
    (10) Iodine and Hair Loss: Is There A Connection? | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
    (11) Dr. James Howenstine -- Iodine is Vital For Good Health
    (12) Iodine deficiency symptoms and benefits | Foods containing Iodine | Overdose Symptoms
    (13) Dr. David Derry Answers Reader Questions -- Asthma and Thyroid Hormones

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    Try adding high quality pro-biotics on an empty stomach in the morning

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    Help heal the gut lining by cooking on some bone broth (chicken,beef,fish) and drinking around a cup or two with every meal. Good fats from meat and coconut oil will help as well.

    I would recommend checking out the GAPS diet to heal your gut problems.

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    Hey. Thanks for all your replies. I probably should have included this information in the intro. I am on the primal diet, cook with coconut oil every morning, eat plenty of good fats and fatty meat. My digestion is just so sensitive at the moment, I can't eat any grains, dairy or sugar (which is to be expected) I also can't eat nuts, caffeine, cocoa, avocado, carrots, any cabbage, mushrooms, leeks, anything in the onion family, garlic, as well as other vegetables. These give me the worst stomach cramps but eating pretty much anything gives me some kind of stomach disruption. I haven't had myself tested for LG but i'm fairly certain that this diagnosis is correct. I do take probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as HCL acids as I have low stomach acid. I will definitely look into taking iodine and making bone broth. I've decided to go and see a kinesioligist for help with all this, there's one local to me and I don't want to go buying even more supplements without having proper diagnosis, as I'm already taking a lot of tablets and I'm a student who doesn't have the money to experiment with lots of different things. Thanks again!

    No one dies of a bread deficiency.

    Samuel Beckett's, as well: 'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.'

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    Bone broth definitely helps A LOT to heal those gut walls.... make sure you cook the broth to a gelatin consistency.

    Your diet at the moment looks pretty good!

    How do you go with fermented cabbage (sauerkraut)?

    And you might be ok with butter too.

    Good luck

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    Hi lolo66

    I've posted a lot about my candida experiences here and on my blog.

    You definitely need to up your l-glutamine dose. I take about 10,000 mg a day. Do not go too high, otherwise you will be doubled over in horrible abominable pain. L-glutamine is first and foremost the BEST thing to cure your allergies. Keep at it. It'll probably be a month or two before you notice results.

    Buy a high quality probiotic. I'm currently taking CP-1. Google it. is a great resource. I have emailed Dan with many questions, and he has been very helpful. I do not get any kickback from advertising him.

    Be sure to include large doses of coconut oil in-between meals on an empty stomach.

    I just bought a product called Syntol, which eats the walls of candida. I tried Candex, which does the same thing, but Syntol is better as it has a few extra ingredients to manage pain.

    I doubt a kenisiologist (sp?!) is going to be able to help you though. How are you eating things like zucchini, butternut squash, sweet potatoes? You may be able to tolerate these in small amounts with your fat and protein intake. They'll help keep you regular as well.

    Do post back. There's a bunch of us who can help
    A Post-Primal PrimalPat

    Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.

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