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    What supplements do I need to make night leg cramps stop?

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    For about the past two weeks I have been waking up with leg cramps. I am drinking enough water so that isn't the issue. My husband says potassium - I tried taking 500 mg tablet the other night and still woke up, so I took another at 3 am and slept through the rest of the night.

    Anyone have any other ideas?

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    What I need is potassium, magnesium with calcium and salt.
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    I take potassium and magnesium as well. But I need to stretch before bed if I want an uninterrepted sleep. How many times a night do you get them?
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    Cramps basically limited my leg work to walking and sprinting. Couldn't touch a bicycle or squat at all without unleashing the demons. So I added magnesium - and it helped a little bit. Adding salt back into my diet helped a little, too. But all the electrolytes in the world barely made a dent until I started stirring in 3/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) into some water and drinking it after any workout, bicycling, etc. Just don't get carried away, alkalosis is possible.
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    Leg cramping can be related to neuropathy. Sometimes diabetic sometimes more mechanical (buldge disc or stenosis in spine). Supplements are cool if its due to some eloctrolyte imbalance, but if its one of those other issues see either your MD (diabetes checkup) or your DC (check your spine). When I herniated a disc my right calf would cramp and then spasm up hard as a rock some nights.

    Don't wanna scare you....try the supplement and food route first, just throwing out another perspective.
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    I get them too, still trying to figure out the dosing on my supplements. I take 550 magnesium, 200 potassium and make sure to salt my food. Was still feeling them yesterday so I ate a banana and that helped immensely, so I'll be upping my potassium supplement today to get that effect without the banana. (I don't really like the taste).

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    Magnesium took care of it for me. 200mg Magnesium Chelate, twice a day (400gm total).

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    Magnesium works for me and helps keep me regular. Although, a month ago I decided to stop all the supplements I was taking because I wasn't sure anything really was doing anything. I feel no difference either way except for the magnesium. It does seem to keep me regular. Lately, I've been adding in Celtic sea salt to my water and dropped the magnesium. I feel totally fine.

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    For me it's B complex and magnesium. I get enough from a simple multivitamin supplement. But if I laps, in about 2 weeks, I get cramps. A couple of months back I bought another brand of multivitamin, and apparently, it did not have magnesium. It took about a month for cramps to resurface with just B, no magnesium.
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    The latest episode of Revolution Health Radio discusses this exact topic.


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