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    Funny, a friend posted this link on FB, I immediately came over here to do research.

    Awesome story, very inspiring. That's how you get it done!

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    Bump - for all those who are having a hard day!

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    I posted this video to my FB twice and didn't get a single comment/like. I was extremely disappointed, as I think everyone who is struggling with anything needs to take a page (pardon the pun) from this man's life. Hopefully people watched it and didn't comment because they were too busy wiping their tears.
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    a friend sent this to me on fb & i blubbered like a little girl both times i watched it! I made my husband watch it so he could put our current discomforts & troubles re home improvement in perspective. I was also hoping it would help him see that anyone can start stretching and doing yoga. Anyone.

    unbelievably inspiring.

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    Holy inspirational. Wow. I teared up at 3:00. Thanks for sharing, iniQuity, that was great.

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    How in the world could 426 people dislike this video? I'm thinking they're either miserable folks, stuck in their own negativity, or heartless. Maybe both.

    This veteran is one helluva man. Best part of the video for me was the part about how he "lost 100 lbs in 6 months but more importantly they were wrong, it was possible!" Take that, all you depressing doctors who don't believe in the power of people to change.

    I wanted to get DDP's yoga tapes before, but seeing this video is pushing me closer to buying them when my birthday hits.
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    Unreal. Sobering.

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    This just goes to show you that the human body is an amazing machine.

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    Awesome isn't it. I am doing DDPYoga after seeing this on FB, hoping it'll help with my hypermobility syndrome and fatigue. The diet DDP recommends is pretty much how I eat already post-primal ie primal plus wholegrains. Regular meals with protein, carb, fat and lots of veg, some fruit. All real food. I disagree on what a healthy fat is, but that's to be expected . He does recommend food combining if you go up to stage 3, which I won't lol. definately not vegan, he eats eggs every day and says his favourite meat is buffalo (DDP I mean, not Arthur).
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    oh man. you guys made me cry. : )
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