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Thread: Watch this. Right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiercehunter View Post
    Of course diet is important.
    I said "whatever type of diet DDP is advertising, if any, is not important" Clearly I think diet is important, or I wouldn't be here.

    I mostly put that out there because some people automatically align yoga with veganism or vegetarianism, and I didn't want this awesome video to turn into bickering over that stuff.

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    That guy is F**king amazing he has more guts than most people could ever dream off, big respect. And yep that got me choked up too, powerful stuff, and I just got hungry when bambi's mum was shot.
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    Was about to post this link, this is a very quickly spreading video
    I blubbed man tears.

    A quick google suggests the diet is gluten and dairy free.
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    WOW....I have no excuses! This made me cry too and was so amazing! I have learned to not trust anyone who says you can't do something just like his doctors told him.
    I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

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    Must have gotten something in my eye.

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    loved this video so much. i love the delight in his face as he is starting to feel better.
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    I. LOVE. THAT. MAN. this video was awesome and inspiring!!!

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    Respect to this guy.
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    Incredibly inspiring, I also shed a few tears. However I am sad to find out that he's a vegetarian (or at least was at the time of this article). He is also gluten-free at least. Still, an amazing story!

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    Amazing! My 9 year old son and I watched it - I teared up and he cheered when this brave man RAN. Wow, so inspirational!

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