hi All

Been lurking for quite a while now but am keen to clear a few things to help keep me motivated.

I have a similar story to most (standard western diet and overweight but trianed hard) I have now been paleo for about 6 months with a Christmas break inbetween and have seen the folloing benefits:

age 38

weight loss - 105 KG to 80 KG (231 lbs - 176 lbs)
feeling good
better look
constant blood sugar etc etc - the usual benefits

I have large shoulders back from past international swimming (many years ago) I also have good aerobic base and have competed Ironman triathlon (althoug was not slim when I competed)

But, I am keen to know if I carry on the weight loss will/can i get a lean/muscular look (maybe not a six pack but four would be nice) Or is there a natural stopping point due to genetics etc?

I am keen to get that ripped look while I am still quite young!! maybe a little vain but I feel we all should be the best fitness/look we can manage.

i currently walk loads with my dog (2-3 hours per day)
weight train - 3/4 times per week - heavy compound exercises - mix between 5 - 10 reps - x 5 sets

any advice would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks