I am a newbie to most fitness programs, and overweight, so keep that in mind. I've never been a jogger, it feels like I'm tromping around and it rattles my joints. I've always been a sprinter, the only sport I participated in growing up was softball, so sprinting to base was the only running I ever did, but I was pretty decent at it. I also never owned traditional running shoes/tennis shoes growing up, I always preferred thin/flat soled shoes (Keds, Chuck Taylors, etc.) and when I bought my first pair of running shoes last summer, my legs hurt in all kinds of strange places just trying to jog through the first few weeks of Couch to 5K. I don't do heel strikes.

That said, I now own and love a pair of Merrell barefoot running shoes. We only started up our exercise routine last week, but today on a whim (the indoor track at the Y was pretty empty) I decided to sprint. It was glorious!!! I'd been "tromping around" trying to jog/walk all week, and suddenly I was free! It felt so much more natural to me. One thing though--my left calf is aching now, I think because I tried to take a turn at high speed. Am I doing this wrong? I am pretty sure I have a natural stride (felt like I was bouncing, not impacting) but I hate how much I enjoyed it vs. how much pain I'm in now. Maybe I just overdid it, I was just too elated, lol.

Any advice?