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Thread: Let me intoduce myself...

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    Let me intoduce myself...

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    Hi Everyone!

    New to the Primal lifestyle (I'm also practicing IF). With a very hectic lifestyle, it really seemed like a natural progression from the no sugar/grains lifestyle I normally lead.

    There are definitely some changes I've had to make to become Primal that are difficult. I was a Dairy lover and I was a Diet Dew/Diet Snapple drinker. I am now well into Day 3 of no dairy and Day 2 of no artifical sweetener or caffeine. Thankfully, people at work have steered clear (out of fear? LOL) to allow me to deal with this.

    I've already learned so much from this site and this forum and look forward to learning more.

    See ya 'round the boards,

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    Lincoln, NE, USA
    Hello Me, how are ya doing? I, too have recently gone Primal, as they say. How far into Primal are you and how long have you been doing it? I love dairy as well; actually I love almost any food, so I know what you are going through.

    Best of luck to you,

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    Welcome! In Primal you don't have to give up dairy unless it is causing you problems. It doesn't to me so I use lots of (mostly pastured, organic, local) dairy.
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