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    Elimination diet questions

    Primal Fuel
    Basically, I've done elimination diets (that typically involve VLC), and tried reintroducing milk products and bananas in again. I haven't done so well testing either, both resulting in very uncomfortable stomach pain after reintroduction.

    However, I tried drinking cream in coffee again (if at first you don't succeed, try again?) and after the second or third time, no more noticeable problems. Same thing happened with eating banana. I've also had similar reactions with macaroon cookies (immediate pain), and coconut milk.

    Could it really be I'm allergic to coconut, bananas, and dairy, and happiness? Or do sensitive tummies, which don't appreciate this switching back and forth business, just behave this way. Last question: could the VLC elimination diet have made it a bit wonky? I know the body adjusts dietary enzymes depending on the diet, so I wondered this as well (i.e. vegetarian who might get sick after trying meat).

    When it comes to food sensitivities, is this the normal way it works? I'd really appreciate some anecdotes.

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    I wish I had great answers for you, but I'm only on week 2.... but bananas are one of my favorite foods on the planet so I still have one once every morning... I just had to comment on how much I loved your current weight! That's what I said this morning too- I shoved it under my bathroom sink because I'm sick of waking up feeling great and then letting a 3 digit number determine my mood the rest of the day- it's ridiculous!

    We'll get there! :-)
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    Not sure either. I used to have heartburn and indigestion nearly every day. Within a week of going primal all was gone. I could eat 10 pieces of bacon at 10pm and go to bed and to sleep with no issues. Before I would get heartburn and eat rolaids like candy. I didn't used to be able to eat oranges or acidic foods without getting heartburn now I eat 2 or 3 at a time. Garlic used to make me bloated and gassy, now I eat it by the clove. All of my digestive issues are gone since going primal. I am pretty much 95% or better, especially on grains, which I assume was my issue all along.

    Hope this helps. good luck!

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    I wish I had great answers for you

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    Look into high histamine and histamine releasing foods. You might not produce enough anti-histamine enzyme (DOA) and it'll feel like a food intollerance.

    High histamine foods: anything fermented (sauerkraut, chocolate, yogurt, aged cheeses, soy sauce, etc); aged and preserved foods (bacon, ham, sausages); tomaotes; seafood; alcohol

    Histamine releasing foods: pineapple, citrus, chicken, pork

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch. Anyway, there's a ton of stuff that releases histamines that are on the elimination diets, You might have some success trying to avoid the histamine foods instead. It's not destroyed by cooking, so your best bet is avoidance. It totally sucks, but it's helped me a lot.
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