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Thread: which foods make you grumpy?

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    which foods make you grumpy?

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    I have been primal for about 1.5 years. I am not perfect, but I have lost weight and generally have more energy than I had before and am generally happier.

    Sometimes I get really grumpy and end up being snapping at my loved ones in a fairly pronounced way. It often takes me a whole 24 hours to work the grumpy out of my system. It only just occurred to me that it may well be food related (ok, I am slow!). I know my stomach feels crappy when I eat grains, so I don't eat them. Sometimes I get sucked into eating fried foods and in my head somehow this is ok because there are no grains and so my stomach doesn't feel bad afterwards. I've had a hard time eliminating foods that I know I shouldn't eat, but don't seem to have a negative effect on me. But maybe there are negative effects that I've just been too dim to notice until now!

    Yesterday I had some fries at lunchtime and by 8pm had totally had it with everyone. This morning was not much better.

    Does eating fried foods make you grumpy? Do other foods or preparation styles that are not primal make you grumpy?

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    being hungry or having low blood sugar does it for me, so fruit on an empty stomach, anything with sugar that isn't balanced by fat, protein, and fiber, or anything with a lot of caffeine. i've never had a problem with fried foods, but ymmv.

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    I only drink tea, not coffee or anything else, so probably caffeine is not it.
    Being hungry can make me grumpy but eating usually corrects it immediately, whereas the grumpy I described can tend to last for a good 24 hours until I can snap out of it. It is possible that it is hormonal, but food related would be way easier to fix!

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    huh. it could also be situational. there are certain things people around me do which can make me grumpy, and no amount of food or self-talk will take me out of it. but it could be food.

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    onions make me grumpy

    just because they taste bad
    yeah you are

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    Saturday breakfast. Saturday is my low calorie day because I train on Sunday, and that's the day when I have time to make Baked Breakfast for my family. Boy, does it take resilience to make all those (gluten free) popovers, pancakes, pies... and set the table up nicely with honey and maple syrup, and jam and milk and butter and flowers and fruit and berries....

    Frigging torture. I often break down and make myself a couple of eggs.

    I also get grumpy when I hear someone tearing a wrapper in the office while I am fasting or hungry or when I see unfinished fruit or a wrapper from a chocolate bar or candy on the ground while I am walking.

    Serving or packing lunches with cheese, milk, quark and yogurt sometimes makes me grumpy as well, because I do love dairy.
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    What makes me grumpy are when people express displeasure toward me in a negative or disrespectful way or when I accidentally do the same to someone else. I can end up ruminating over that sort of thing for days. Also, perhaps low Vitamin D levels make me depressed.
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    Since going Primal I have noticed that whenever I had a cheat day or ate a lot of something that is considered an indulgence (dark chocolate for instance) I am noticeably more short tempered and get annoyed and snappy with everyone. I'm currently coming off of three cheat days in a row, last Saturday, Sunday and Monday which included a lot of alcohol, refined carbs and a lot of sweets, and I have been a mess emotionally ever since. I'm hoping it gets better soon, my poor kids must think I'm some horrible monster. I feel like I'm still detoxing from it, and it's kinda like starting over from the beginning which is very frustrating. I feel like I'm going through carb flu again, not as bad as when I first started, but that's what it feels like. And my stomach has been a disaster as well.

    So what I take from this is, if you notice something makes you short tempered or not feel well, steer clear. It's so much easier to just stay on good Primal foods than it is to have things I'm not supposed to have and then pay the price for days afterward.

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    well then i think you have your answer!

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    I get nervous when my timetable presents me with a sound sugar crash, as if I'm on a train at 8am, take my pills, take my dear medrol and there's no way I can get something remotely healthy to eat so I can avoid the sugar crash I get during the insulin rash (gluconeogenesis give me those and if I don't have the chance to sleep them off then I have a ruined day).
    Probably foods sending your glucose level high gives you a bad case of grumpiness, it sure does for me.

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