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Thread: Sprouted grain bread

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    Sprouted grain bread

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    I'm trying hard to decrease my intake of grains, but certain things are incredibly hard to give up--like bread! Is sprouted grain bread, in limited amounts, acceptable?

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    I used sprouted grain bread as a transition food. Like you I could not see my life without bread! after about 6 months I took the plunge and ditched it. That was a year ago. Occasionally I miss bread, but mostly I don't because I am busy eating other things that taste way better!
    I would say if it helps you to get started then eat it, and over time you will probably find that you will be able to wean that out too.

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    I did the same thing as sforsyth - used it as a transition food. I loved Ezekiel bread and jokingly/lovingly referred to it as "the shingle" because I figured you could shingle a house with it.

    Then I slowly came to realize that it was really just a handy vehicle for getting more delicious and satisfying things into my mouth like eggs and almond butter. Had some not too long ago at a friend's as a test and thought it tasted like cardboard.
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