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Thread: Post-op Primal journal

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    Post-op Primal - meeshar

    I've been mostly Primal for about 6 months now, I guess it's time for a journal.

    I had RNY gastric bypass 7 years ago. Interestingly, the post-op diet I was given was similar to Primal--I avoided bread, pasta, rice, sugar, etc. for a year after my surgery and lost 130 lbs. Unfortunately, the advice from my surgeon when I was starting to go below my goal weight was to add "healthy" carbs like whole grains into my diet. I ended up with a SIBO and was on a weight gain/loss rollercoaster for several years. I wore a medical bracelet and carried around a blood sugar monitor because I had serious reactive hypoglycemia. When I ran across MDA and bought the book, I was excited. Then reading Chris Kresser's website (particularly the stuff about SIBO's and GERD) made it click even more and there was no going back for me--all the pain, all the nasty things that I thought were "side effects" of my surgery (horrid gas, unpredictable and painful bowels, reactive hypoglycemia) didn't have to be!

    Switching to primal eating wasn't terribly difficult because we had recently changed our diet to avoid artificial/processed foods, ate mostly organic/local and even bought some grass fed meat from our CSA. My husband is slowly but surely getting on board with me, and our 4yo is on board simply because she eats what we eat. She does get to eat what she wants when we're out/away from home though, and I struggle daily with her tendency to be a fruititarian. I am a SAHM (plan to homeschool) and we live full-time in our RV, so cooking primally can be an adventure sometimes!

    Anyway, here are my stats:
    32 year old female, 5'7

    HW (pre-Primal, my pre-surgery weight was 277) 202
    CW - 177
    GW - 150ish? I was (excess) skin and bones at my lowest weight post-surgery, so I'm not sure where my "fit weight" should be yet.

    Today: I've had coffee with heavy cream and a "breakfast muffin" - local free range eggs, pastured pork sausage, kale, tomatoes, Italian seasonings, and (unfortunately not local) shredded mozz and parm.

    Plans: Lunch will probably be tuna salad or lunch meat w/crudites. Dinner will be a slight cheat--Earth Fare is having kid's eat free night, and we're busy. I'll have either the sushi or salad bar.

    Exercise: Heading to the YMCA once DH gets home from work. Sprint/walk for 30 minutes (modified Ct5k) and then a little weight lifting. We just renewed our membership and started working out this week, it's been great and we look forward to it every day. Plus the childcare gives our 4yo some time to hang out with other kids and get away from us stuffy adults.
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