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Thread: 24 hour fast and vitamins

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    24 hour fast and vitamins

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    I eat only once a day at supper, which works well for me most of the time, when it doesn't I have snack or some coconut milk.

    I take Kelp which does wonders for me, and Omega 3.

    The kelp is one tablet per day, but I take 3, whooo hoooo!!

    The O3 is 2 Gel Capsules, Norwegan salmon oil, 3 times per day AFTER meals.

    mmmmm. problem... I only eat once a day, do I pop them without food, Or do I just take two per meal/day, or take all 6 at once.

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    I'd just take it the one time after your meal. A fast is a good time for your body to take a break from intake of anything.

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