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Thread: Tor's 100 Pushup challenge

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    Tor's 100 Pushup challenge * Update week 5 day 3

    When the 100 pushup challenge thread was posted a while back, I wasn't ready to do it back then. Well five weeks ago I was ready. I remember Grumpy Old Caveman saying that six weeks was not enough time to work up to 100. I just wanted to post my progress and get ready to report how I do in a week and a half. I am 2/3 way through week 5 as of this morning. Blown away by how many pushups I did this morning. After totalling up the sets, found I did 190 push ups this morning over 8 sets in about 15 minutes. 190, you have to be kidding me. Here how it has gone for my max's so far

    Starting 14
    End of week 2 28
    End of week 4 55
    End of week 5 ?

    I have doubled each time, who knows, maybe I will be able to to 100 at the end of week 5, Take that Grumpy.
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