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    swap cow for goat?

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    Im trying to avoid dairy for a while to see if this is the culprit for holding back any weight loss, but wondered if goats milk and cheese would be ok?
    I know that many people who are intolerant to dairy are ok on goats milk but does it have the same affect?
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    Ummm. Most goat's milk tastes to me as if the herd is kept with the billy and the milk is improperly refrigerated. Bleah. When I had goats I had to leave the milk out for a couple hours to get it to taste as goaty as the storebought stuff.

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    I react the same to regular cow's milk cheese, raw European cow's milk cheese, goat milk cheese, and sheep milk cheese. But I really think it depends on the person, since I'm Asian and we didn't really consume dairy in the first place.

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    We buy raw goat's milk regularly. It's helped my wife control her blood pressure. Why we don't know. I buy extra and make my own kefir out of it, then use it as a base for smoothies, add it to soups sometimes, make a nice cucumber drink out if it, drink it straight etc, mostly for purposes of gut health.

    I don't have any negative reactions to cow's milk, but the people I know who buy goat milk tend to have cow's milk allergies. I've also read that the fat molecule in goat's milk is one tenth of the size of cow's milk's fat molecule, but I don't know if that is true. If it is, that would explain why it's easier to digest. This is especially true if you make kefir, which further breaks it down.

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    Goats makeup is close to human from what I understand and is far more prevalent in usage throughout the rest of the world. Sorry I danced around answering the actual question, but really all you can do is give it a try and see.

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