My mattress is old, saggy and full of springs. Not comfortable at all.
I can't do anything about it because it is part of the flatshare that I'm living in and I doubt the landlord would be keen to buy new mattresses for the flat. As a compromise, my partner bought a memory foam mattress topper to try to minimize the discomfort.

We put it on yesterday and it feels SO much better.

But to be honest... I'm slightly paranoid. It smells pretty strong (sort of like paint/chemicals?) and I'm thinking, here I go trying to minimise my exposure to toxins (I adhere to all organic skincare, food, make-up etc) yet I'm spending 8+ hours a night inhaling fumes from this mattress?

Has anyone had any experience with memory foam? Am I being paranoid? I guess the smell goes away after a while? but...long term exposure concerns me!