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Thread: Memory it safe?

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    Also, the Ikea memory foam has wool in it. I have read that natural latex mattresses can aggravate/induce latex allergy, so I was on the fence about which to choose. So far so good though.

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    Memory foam... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    I want a "Grand bed"... to bad that's false advertising and they really cost like 11grand!

    For now... my 5 inch topper will suffice.
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    I work in heathcare, and have enough latex exposure for a lifetime. I'll take chemicals, thanks....

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    I agree with jkr.. I would also at any time shell out more money but in order to get something that is more natural.. If it stinks of chemicals chances are your skin won't thank you.

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    No, it's not safe. Memory foam off-gassing is a little worse than regular mattress toxins, which is bad enough. You would be much better off with a natural talalay latex or wool topper.

    I have a latex bed made without any unsafe chemicals and wool topper and comforter. It's divine!

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