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Thread: Is pork healthy?

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    Is pork healthy?

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    I often hear it's meat candy. Is it? Or is it just as healthy as beef. And how bad is it if it's grain-fed?

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    Nov 2011
    I realise now that I don't enjoy cheap pork as much as I enjoy eating other animals. I can buy really nice Wool Swine here that is two years old before it is slaughtered and raised outdoors on grass as well as grain, and I eat that freely. But I have started steering clear of cheap pork that is raised indoors and only ate grains, maize, soy and veg oil and is pumped full of antibiotics. I am a bit off bacon too, maybe because I ate too much of it.

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    I eat a lot of pastured pork. I prefer pork to beef. I would NEVER eat factory farmed pork. It's extremely destructive to the environment. No idea about if it healthy for the people who eat it, but it creates a lot of pollution for the people who live near the farms. Think leaking shit ponds into watersheds.

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