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    Low carb flu and blurred vision

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    I've tried a few times to switch to Primal eating while keeping carbs low, at about 50-100g.

    Each time I try I quickly get headaches which I can cope with. However I also get a blurred vision around mid-afternoon. This quite worries me I end up eating carbs which does restore my vision quickly. However it sets me back and I can never fully go through the low-carb flu period and always go back.

    Has anyone ever experienced this? Any recommendations?


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    High blood glucose can change shape of the lens of the eye: Diabetes, Blurred Vision, and High Blood Sugar Levels
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    I have expirienced this too, but it was mainly right after I ate a big meal, so I always attributed it to digestion and all the blood rushing to the stomach to help digest. I am no doctor, but that was just what I thought it might be from.

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    Have you tried stepping down? Figure out where you're at and remove 50g of carbs per week. This might give your body some time to adjust.

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