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Thread: My awesome cholesterol numbers after close to a year of primal eating

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    My awesome cholesterol numbers after close to a year of primal eating

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    So, here's the good news: the doctor was way impressed with my awesome improved cholesterol numbers.
    This has been over almost a year of eating primally.
    My total cholesterol is now 175, it was 225.
    My bad cholesterol went from 145 to 82
    And my good cholesterol went from 62 to 82, which is an insane number for good cholesterol.
    My tryglicerides were 42.

    The last time my cholesterol was below 195 was when I was under 35 years old, 20 years ago. Even when I was skinny as a rail, and eating almost 100% vegetarian with tons of whole grains and almost zero red meat, I was prone to have elevated cholesterol.

    I accomplished this eating more meat and fat than I ever have in my life. I eat bacon, I eat red meat MANY times a week. Oh, and let's not forget butter - lovely, lovely butter!!

    How awesome.

    Oh yeah, I am down 30 pounds as well! Yippe, below the "overweight" numbers on charts by at least 10#, well within normal ranges.

    Here is the bad news: I had a slight bit of "fatty liver". Might be because I drink way too much wine to be healthy. Might be because I don't every eat liver. I am going to cut out the wine consumption and pick up the liver consumption and then get retested in a month.

    Another weird thing, which may or may not be related, is I have somewhat elevated testosterone for a women. It was 42, which is a bit high (40 or under being normal for a woman) last year and this year it's 62. The doctor is a bit concerned and is sending me to an endocronologist.

    Is there ANY info that anyone knows of about testosterone in women and primal living???

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    Donnal, those are awesome cholesterol numbers! I also love that you're experimenting with your diet whereas most people would want some kind of quick miracle pill. Keep up the good work. Grok on!
    In Sanity,

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    Oh congrats!
    I'm SO hoping my blood report is good.
    I tossed my statins and started PB!
    Won't be tested again until about February.
    You give me (more) hope -- thanks!

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    Congrats on your lipid numbers. Interesting to see the increase in testosterone levels. Are you doing intermittent fasting, if so this has been shown to increase HGH and testosterone. Also increased protein and HIT training can also raise Testosterone levels. This is not necessarily a bad thing, so I'm not sure why your doctor is concerned. Here's an article you might find interesting - it's not Paleo related but has some good info.

    How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally In Women | LIVESTRONG.COM

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    I am SO PLEASED with the cholesterol numbers too!!! My fatty liver numbers concern me a little. Blah, no more wine for me I guess. I bought milk thistle supplements, let's see if they help. Also, my fasting glucose levels were up a TINY bit but still in normal ranges.

    Regarding why my doc is concerned about the testosterone -- to be honest I haven't really told my doctor I went primal, ha! She knows I am "eating healthier" but I have let them assume it's more traditional notions of healthy. I have a followup in 1 month and I think I will drop the news on her then. I do like her a LOT and expect that she won't reject the entire notion without giving it at least a glance, she is very bright. But -- she is also trained in CW.

    I didn't know it was OK to have slightly elevated levels of Testosterone in a woman, I will definitely read the article. I am not doing much in IFs yet, so I can't blame that, but I sure do eat more protein than I used to. It's all amazingly interesting to me.

    I am also proud to report that I can do 3 pull-ups now. That is 3 more than I have ever been able to do in my life. I have a little tennis elbow on one side that flared up that is making me hold back a little but darn, that is exciting. I feel REALLY REALLY good overall. Maybe I will even try posting some before and after shots sometime soon, ha!

    Thanks for the congratulations, my niece and her husband are going primal now too. Awesome!

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