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Thread: Best life insurance for a primal athlete?

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    Best life insurance for a primal athlete?

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    Sorry for crossposting this but I'm getting no love on the athletic forum. This forum always seems to be more active:

    Sorry if this has been discussed here before. I'm a 42 year old male and my ex and I have a requirment in our property settlement that we each have to have a $500k life insurance policy with each other as the beneficiary, so the kids are covered in case anything happens to one of us. I pay about $34/month for this and I got it in 2003. I'm about 6' tall and 200lbs but have broad shoulders and am muscular. I'm very athletic and feel like I'm in great shape but, of course, when they took my measurements using BMI I came in as being "obese". I'd like to switch from the company I'm currently with for a couple of reasons but I'm wondering if anyone out there can recommend a company that, instead of using BMI, would use a more accurate measurement like body fat percentage. I'd also, obviously, want to go with someone that truly understood cholesterol and didn't give me a red flag for my very good, albeit primal, cholesterol levels. Thanks in advance.

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    $34 per month for a $500,000 policy is about the norm, I think. I don't know if another quote will be much better.

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    I think you might be SOL. If I remember correctly BMI was actually designed by the insurance industry, not the medical community. I don't think you're going to find an insurance co that doesn't use it.

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