I am a 56 year old male. I have lost lost about 60 pounds of fat in the last 9 months. My triglycerides have gone from about 1200 to under 80. My cholesterol has remained the same but my good cholesterol had gone up. I I started to swim again. when I started the diet. My diet first was Atkins and then I bought the primal blue print and switched to primal. At first when I lost most of my weight I was swimming easy cardio on most days. I soon added short sprints. When I started to get in shape I decided to compete again in masters. I swam as a child all the way through collage. Soon I added hard interval training my workouts were become more and more anaerobic. I swim 50 and 100's which are equal to 220 and 440 in track. I also added a few days of long swims. My friends swim open water, so i swim with them sometimes. On those days We swim 9000 yards easy. It may be similar to running a half marathon, but if you are a swimmer swimming for a early age then swimming for hours is a lot easy than running because your body does not take a beating and your floating in water. Most days I swim about 3000 to 5000 yards hard. I also lift weights for strength 1 or 2 times a week

Now this is my delima. Before I started training hard with interval training I was getting lean and healthy. And my health really improved when I started training to rae. But as the workouts got a bit harder I added more carbs because of what I read in books (including-- 'Swimming Faster', and the ' Paleo Diet for Athletes'. ) What scares me the most is what they say that if you do not get enough carbs your body will begin to burn muscle when your glycogen gets depleted. When I started my diet I ate from 20 to 75 carbs a day. I lost weight easy and found it easy to control my appetite . As I trained harder I went up to about 100 to 150 carbs a day. But as I went up with the carbs my appetite for carbs went up. If i cut the carbs I don't crave them so much. but when I eat about 120 carbs a day I suffer hunger pains. I then gain weight. I look great and my doctor is shocked I do not want to gain weight. What should I do???