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Thread: Because I can Baby !!!

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    Doin' the happy dance!!! With less to wiggle and less to jiggle Down another 4 lbs of toxic Mommy fat.
    Makes a total of 8 lbs in 2 weeks. That's right honey, I said "Eight" pounds. Which included a kick ass weekend of Birthday celebrations for my son.

    But I tackled that hurdle with my mind in gear. That this was just one weekend out of the year and no matter what I ate, it would not set me off my chosen path of living Primally. BAM. That freakin' easy. Dropped the guilt of straying and dealt with it.
    Also dealt well with the she-devil that spawned me - told her I was down 8 lbs and her reply was "Really ???? hmpf. When youre done, you grow out your hair so you don't look lesbian and no more tattoos too" Asian Moms, pure sunshine and rainbows of pure love and support. %&^^##*&) !!!!

    No lie, I am feeling kind of sick and yucky from all the SAD food today and did actually vomit a little while burping but I just take that as a sign that eating Primally is working for me. ( Since my body was trying to kick back all those carbs and crap) That seems like a scientific conclussion to me.

    I did have a few days this week of feeling overwhelmed about following all 10 laws of PB, so I am trying to just really focus on a few of them hardcore each week and get them ingrained as a habit before trying to live it all at once. The rule of 80/20 is a good point of focus, to avoid being too hard on myself and setting off a round of "I suck - I can't do this" shitty pity party.

    This past week was about exploring primal foods and recipes and it went well. That went a long way in knowing I can live this way.

    This week my focus is going to be the PB fitness aspects. A little more preplanning to get my flab fanny up and moving with intention and find something "HEAVY" to lift and throw around. Luckily the 8 pounds I have dropped have seemed to help with the knee and joint pain and that freakin' rocks. Push pass the pain my unfit, obese PBers, your'e gonna hurt whether you are sitting on the couch being a fat lump or out moving your jello ass and stretch marked covered gut. So atleast make the right choice and move towards better health. Every right choice you make for your health is an investment in a better, fitter, happier life.

    There is room for everyone of us on the Success Ladder, even us bigger girls. Watch out below...................

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    Quote Originally Posted by iniQuity View Post
    "guilt is a bitch and so is my mom"

    I DIED
    +100!!! That is some kickass funny shiznit right there! :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinup View Post
    LOL. Reminds me of and
    HA! just checked that site out, too damn funny. Love knowing that others are in the same "boat".

    I'm embarrassed to say that at the age of 39, I still do things intentionally to piss off my mom and her other 32 pyscho personalities.

    But it's only payback for not letting me ever cut my hair, shave my legs, wear jeans or wax my furry Filipino girl 'stache in high school! Yeah, I was the weirdo in P.E. class who had to run laps in dresses, white sandals and hairy legs with hair down to her butt. Kids would ask me if I was Jehovah's Witness and I would reply "No - I wish, but I'm just Filipino"

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