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Thread: Goodbye to evil chemicals!

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    Primal Journal - Hulahoop

    I stumbled upon this website on my quest to eat healthier foods and banish chemicals from my diet.

    I currently suffer with:
    chronic migraine
    restless leg syndrome
    sinus problems
    depression and anxiety
    hayfever and asthma

    I am 36 and live in the UK. I am 5'4" and currently 179.5lb.

    For the last 8 years i have been on various medication for my migraines and have tried nerve block injections and botox on the scalp. I think i have exhausted every medication in my neurologist's arsenal.

    I have tried to discuss food and chemicals as triggers but my neurologist is skeptical of its role so i'm on my own in this quest now. I definitely get a migraine if i consume MSG or sulphites. Recently i have noticed these chemical poisons are in far more foods than i thought!! Over the last year i have eaten a lot better and veg plays a large part in my diet as it is. Looking to clean up the rest of my diet i've found my way here and like what i'm reading.

    It is encouraging to read that migraines have disappeared for some sufferers. Migraines have ruled my life since i was 16 so if i am able to change the hold they currently have on me i would be very very happy.

    I have had depression and anxiety on and off for a few years, i think the migraines are a big factor in this. It is very hard to keep going some days with the pain. On any day where i have a clear head (not very often), i feel like a new woman! Who knows what i could achieve if this way of eating had a positive effect!

    I apologise if i have gone on about medical conditions, i'm just setting the scene and saying how it is. I'm not defined by medical conditions!

    I'm hoping to start this way of eating in the next couple of days. I'm just trying to find someone in this area who sells nitrate free bacon and my planning will be complete.

    If anyone has any tips then please feel free to share. Thanks for reading to the end of my long post xx
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